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I’m Queer…Without Fear.

I live in a heavily conservative area, one that voted for Trump by double digits both in 16 and 20, and will likely vote for him (or whoever wins the GOP Nom) in 24.

We’re running into an era of heightened LGBTQPhobia across the country, we’re seeing Drag Events threatened with protests and boycotts, even if the event is 21+ (our show on the 24th was threatened with this, people even called the city to try to have the city shut the show down), Drag Bans in our neighboring states (FL and TN), Trans Healthcare as a whole being threatened with bans and restrictions, Bathroom Bans, the Supreme Court stating we can be denied service solely based on our sexuality if it conflicts with someone’s beliefs, there have been several instances of Pride events being threatened with shootings, stores have been molitoved if they support Queer people, Bomb threats have been made by bigots if they see Pride stuff at stores… the list goes on and on and on.

But… with all of that being said… I still love America. It is my home, and through all the bigotry we will persevere. We have before and we will again. It’s going to be a long road ahead but we must keep pushing forward. We will emerge victorious.

I want to thank Carroll County GA Democrats for allowing me to walk with them in this parade, and I’m forever thankful that I was able to represent Carrollton Rainbow in this parade.

Carrollton Rainbow Inc. is a non-profit organization that hosts regular meetups and events in Carrollton, GA and the surrounding West Georgia area for fellowship with LGBTQ+ and allies.  Our signature events include our annual Carrollton Pride Festival, Carrollton Pride Prom and Carrollton Drag Shows. Additionally, Carrollton Rainbow partners with local venues and restaurants in Carrollton, GA and other organizations to provide a calendar of fun things to do in Carrollton, GA and fun things to do in West Georgia.  We host Q&As, ally-oriented workshops, and online guides to provide the best local LGBTQ+ resources possible as well as to create dialogue with the local communityCarrollton Rainbow believes that representation matters and participates annually in the Atlanta Pride Parade, UWG Homecoming Parade, Carrollton Christmas Parade, Carrollton Mayfest and Carrollton's 4th of July Parade. Our visibility allows others in the West Georgia LGBTQ+ community to live with confidence and pride and to celebrate our identity and shared cultural history.


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