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Carrollton Greenbelt Adopt-a-Trail Map


Greenbelt Adopt-a-Trail Legend

  • Hays Mill Trailhead (TH #1)

  • Hays Mill Park Trail (#1)

  • Trojan Trail (#2)

  • Dixie Street Trail (#3)

  • Strickland Road Trail (#4)

  • Ayers Dairy Trail (#5)

  • Old Newnan Road Trailhead (TH #2)

  • Cedar Street Trail (#6)

  • Curtis Creek Wetlands Trail (#7)

  • Visitor’s Center Trailhead (TH #3)

  • Visitor’s Center Trail (#8)

  • Fire Station Spur (#9)

  • East Carrollton Park Trail (#10)

  • Castle Playground Spur (#11)

  • Lakeshore Park Trail (#12)

  • Lakeshore Drive Trail and Trailhead (#13/TH #4)

  • Hobbs Farm Trail Connector (#14)

  • Hobbs Farm Trail Loop (#15)

  • Hobbs Farm Trailhead (TH #5)

  • Rome Street Trail (#16)

  • Kingsbridge Trail (#17)

  • Little Tallapoosa River Trail (#18)

  • Alabama Street Trailhead (#TH6)

  • Brumbelow Road Trail (#19)

  • University of West Georgia Trail (#20)

  • Maple Street Trail (#21)

  • The Bypass Trail (#22)

  • The Shoals at Buffalo Creek Trail (#23)

About the Carrollton Greenbelt

With more than 18 miles of concrete path, the GreenBelt claims the title of the longest, paved loop trail in Georgia!

Carrollton GreenBelt is the largest green-space and green-way conservation project that the City of Carrollton has undertaken.

True Multi-Use
The shared-use path was designed for pedestrians, bikers, and other non-motorized users and to connect neighborhoods with the Carrollton City School campus, University of West Georgia, city parks, and several commercial and shopping areas.

GreenBelt serves the community in several capacities. Primarily, it serves as a recreational opportunity. Given the planned, strategic location of the trail, the community can also utilize the trail as an alternative to vehicular travel.

Green Space
The Carrollton GreenBelt is a linear city park! The trail connects several active and passive recreational areas that include ball fields, gyms, a pool, and new mountain bike trails.

Carrollton Rainbow Clean-Up Dates

Come join us on the trails to help keep Carrollton Beautiful!

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