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Georgia HB 1128 is a trojan horse to legalize LGBTQ+ hate crimes.

So, we have been keeping our eyes peeled at Georgia's Legislature. With this being an election year, we are anticipating to see myriads of new bills introduced both locally and federally ahead of the Presidential Election in November.

Last year and 2022 were years where there were record amounts of Anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced and passed nationwide. We expect this year to be no different.

With that being said, there has been a new bill introduced in Georgia. Its HB 1128 dubbed "The Georgia Women's Bill of Rights", now at just the sound of that you would think it would be a positive bill that is finally doing something to help gender inequality here within the State of Georgia. But you would be mistaken.

I've read the entirety of the bill and it is a attack on the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. It would remove Sexual Orientation and Gender from "Bias Crime Report" meaning that if someone attacked a Gay Man/Woman or Trans/Non-binary individual because they're Gay, Trans, or Non-Binary, then the police would not be required to fill out a "Bias Crime Report" form to their supervisor. These BCRs are sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to help investigate Hate Crimes. In short... crimes against LGBTQ+ individuals because they're LGBTQ+ will not considered Hate Crimes in the State of Georgia.

It will make it to where Gender Markers on official documents MUST match your Birth Sex. Meaning that if you are a Trans-Woman, then your license will show as "Male" or if you're a Trans-Man then your license will show as "Female".

This bill is NOT one that helps protect or further women, regardless of what the title of the bill says. This bill further targets the LGBTQ+ Community and puts a larger target on our back. We must fight back against this, we must write our legislators to inform them that we do not want this bill to be passed.

Read the proposed bill here: (Be sure to hit Current Version at the top to read the bill).

Find your legislators:

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