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Victory Under the Gold Dome: 20 anti-LGBTQ bills defeated in Georgia!

Last night, the Georgia state legislature adjourned its 2024 legislative session without any anti-LGBTQ measures passing. Advocates successfully defeated nearly 20 bills intended to restrict the health, rights and well-being of Georgia’s LGBTQ community.

Jeff Graham, executive director of Georgia Equality, said:

“It’s undeniable that the tides are shifting, both here in Georgia and across the nation. Anti-LGBTQ actors are losing their political power, and more and more Georgians who know and love LGBTQ people are standing up against their baseless fear-mongering.

“This session, every bill targeting LGBTQ Georgians failed, even in the face of underhanded, anti-democratic political maneuvers that were desperately employed over the last few weeks. Advocates, medical experts, faith leaders, teachers and families all across Georgia came together to successfully defeat every last one – countering misinformation and standing up for every Georgian’s right to live their life freely, without government overreach and personal attacks.

This major victory is a testament to every Georgian who worked tirelessly to protect fairness and equality against efforts to sow division across our home state. Let it be known – if politicians continue to try passing such attacks in sessions to come, we’ll fight back, bolstered by the immense power of the vast majority of this state that stands with us.”


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