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Shady Business With Georgia HB 1170

Yesterday evening, we received notification via Georgia Equality that Georgia HB 1170 was amended to include language from Georgia SB 519, which would now add Puberty Blockers to the list of medications banned for use by minors diagnosed with gender dysphoria. The language of this amended bill also does not exempt minors who are currently on puberty blockers, meaning that if passed, those who are currently taking these would need to stop. I don't think I need to express how much of a detriment this is to our Trans siblings in the community. This amendment came as a complete shock to those of us in the LGBTQ+ Community, as there was no chance for the public to oppose this prior to its introduction nor for actual Georgia Healthcare professionals to voice their concerns or expert opinions. But do you want to know who was able to voice their support for the amendment? Dr. Quentiv Van Meter. Now who is that? Dr. Van Meter is with the discredited American College of Pediatricians. Dr. Van Meter has been widely criticized, and has been discredited for his anti-LGBTQ stance with bills, and even in the more conservative State of Texas, has been banned from giving expert testimony in such scenarios. This amended bill now moves to the Senate Rules Committee, which is responsible for putting it on the agenda for a floor vote. We need to start reaching out to the members of the Senate Rules Committee to object to this amendment, especially since no legitimate medical organization or anyone who would be directly impacted by this bill was present to provide testimony in regards to this bill. Below are the contact methods for the members of the Senate Rules Committee. We at Carrollton Rainbow are providing this information so you are able to help us reachout to them to voice our opposition to this bill moving to the floor. Matt Brass (Chairman) 770-265-6100 Frank Ginn (Vice Chairman) 706-680-4466 Bill Cowsert 706-543-7700 John Albers 404-463-8055 Jason Anavitarte 404-656-0085 Lee Anderson 404-656-5114 Brandon Beach 678-640-1811 Gloria Butler 404-656-0075 Clint Dixon 404-656-6446 Greg Dolezal 404-656-0040 Steve Gooch 404-656-9221 Ed Harbison 404-656-0074 Chuck Hufstetler 404-656-0034 Harold Jones 404-656-0036 John Kennedy 404-656-6578 Michael Rhett 404-656-0054 Randy Robertson 404-656-0045 Larry Walker 404-656-0095

Ben Watson 404-656-7880


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