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PFLAG Education and Support

PFLAG's roots trace back to 1972 when Jeanne Manford, a mother from New York, marched alongside her gay son in a pride parade, proudly carrying a sign that read, "Parents of Gays: Unite in Support for Our Children." This support has since grown into a nationwide network of support groups, educational initiatives, and advocacy efforts.

At the core of PFLAG's mission is the belief in the power of family acceptance and support. Many LGBTQ+ individuals face rejection and discrimination from their families, which can have devastating consequences on their mental health and well-being. PFLAG seeks to change this narrative by fostering understanding and acceptance within families and communities.

Through regular meetings, educational workshops, and outreach programs, PFLAG Carrollton offers a lifeline to individuals struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity. Whether it's a parent seeking guidance on how to support their LGBTQ+ child or a young person in need of affirmation and acceptance, PFLAG provides a nurturing environment where everyone is welcomed with open arms.

In addition to providing support at the grassroots level, PFLAG Carrollton is actively involved in advocacy efforts to advance LGBTQ+ rights and equality. From participating in local pride events to lobbying for inclusive policies in schools and workplaces, PFLAG advocates tirelessly for a more just and equitable society.

For many LGBTQ+ individuals and their families, PFLAG is a lifeline, offering support, guidance, and hope. By creating spaces where people can be their authentic selves without fear of judgment or rejection. With each meeting, workshop, and community event, PFLAG reaffirms its commitment to building a world where everyone is treated with respect and love.


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