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Georgia Equality Update: Crossover Day 2024: We Made It!

While we’re still disappointed in the passage of RFRA in the State Senate last night– and plan to fight and stop it in the House like we’ve done successfully for the last decade– we have a lot to celebrate today. Out of nearly 20 anti-LGBTQ bills that we fought against so far this session, we stopped all but one!!

Dozens of bills seeking to ban medical care for transgender Georgians, prevent transgender students from having the same opportunities as their peers, targeting LGBTQ curriculum in schools, and much more didn’t cross over by last night’s deadline and are now officially dead for the session. In total, over 4,000 of us contacted our legislators and collectively stopped these bills.

Some of the bills we successfully defeated include:

SB 88: a ‘don’t say gay’ bill

HB 1045: a forced outing bill

HB 1128: a bill to redefine “sex” to exclude trans identities

SB 141 and 519: bills to further restrict access to gender-affirming care

HB 936 and 836: bathroom bans targeting trans students

SB 438: a ban on trans students participating in sports

With that said, in the remaining 12 legislative days of the session, legislators can still amend anti-LGBTQ language into other bills, so we will remain vigilant in monitoring that and will be in your inbox the moment your Representative needs to hear from you!

We will also continue to monitor SB 390, a bad bill which seeks to defund public libraries and could be used to target LGBTQ content, which did unfortunately pass the Senate last night. We will continue to work closely with our partners in the education space to assess our best path moving forward to ensure censorship doesn’t prevail in Georgia.

Now, we shift our attention to the Georgia House of Representatives. On Monday, SB 180, will be assigned to a committee and the work to stop this bill continues. In the meantime, if you’re looking to get involved with our evening volunteer opportunities, sign up here.


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