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Action Alert: Georgia HB 1104 Attacks on Transgender Youth

On Tuesday afternoon, legislators took a good bill, HB 1104, and replaced it with language to ban transgender youth from participating in sports and from using the correct restrooms or locker rooms. This surprise move meant that there was little time for analysis or informed testimony.


 This amendment is yet another last-ditch effort to play politics at the expense of transgender youth in Georgia. Send a message to your State Senator, RIGHT NOW, letting them know that you oppose this attack on transgender youth!


The amended HB 1104 would force an already vulnerable group of young people in Georgia onto the sidelines. Sports teach invaluable, lifelong lessons about teamwork, discipline and hard work, and every young person deserves equal access and opportunity.

Further, forcing transgender students into restrooms and locker rooms that don't match the gender they live every day puts them at increased risk. For example, forcing a transgender student who lives life every day as a girl to use the boy's restroom puts her at increased risk for harassment and assault.


We must let our Senators know, RIGHT NOW, that we will not stand by and let shameful tactics like this go unnoticed! Contact your Senator RIGHT NOW and let them know that you do not support discrimination!

Join Georgia Equality at the Capitol on Thursday, March 21, to show our opposition to attacks on transgender youth. They will be at the Capitol starting at 10:00am– find them on the 3rd floor, Senate side, towards the south end of the building. Look for the Georgia Equality name tags for assistance! 


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