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New LGTBQ+ Community: Carrollton Rainbow

Republished from The Wolf Radio

September 15, 2023

CARROLLTON GA- Carrollton communities are a huge part of daily life, be it college students, musicians or so forth. Most communities have some kind of organization that represents them and their values. The LGBTQ+ community has Carrollton Rainbow, a non-profit community organization that is an area of resources and a safe space for the queer community in town.

Carrollton Rainbow was founded by Lucy King (she/they), who themselves is a member of the LGBTQ+, initially starting out as an ally and a member of the West Georgia chapter of the Free Mom Hugs organization, they participated in the first pride event in Carrollton. Due to COVID-19, their plans had to change. At first, the group was meant to be on the more private side, something of a small safe space. Even so, the organization itself grew up to 600 people initially, all due to community awareness.

The organization set their eyes on hosting a second Pride event in Carrollton, believing they would not see much attendance, however, with the help of their friends, the rest of the community  and their new status as a non-profit, they hosted a successful pride event. The organization’s goal is to establish a safe space for all people in the LGBTQ+ community, specifically the West Georgia community. 

In addition, to supporting the LGBTQ+ community, Carrollton Rainbow has notably participated in other areas of human rights and politics, such as a video they posted discussing their relation to the NAACP in regards to protests that the groups had against the Villa Rica Police Department. An additional video was posted related to a democratic party that the organization was invited to in which their Director of Communications, Steven spoke of what the community needed to do to better itself.

Carrollton Rainbow is an example of a community that residents of this city can be a part of when they do not feel safe. The communities here should be in place for people of each community to flourish, and there are all kinds of organizations or communities that can fit that bill, no matter who you are.


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