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Carrollton Rainbow Featured on the cover of Carrollton Living Magazine

Back in January, Carrollton Rainbow was contacted by the Best Version Media Carrollton Living publication about a potential feature in their magazine.

"We understand that there are more types of Family than the traditional unit and since our goal is to uplift and support the families of Carrollton, we would like to feature your chosen "Family" for our June cover."

Throughout the process, Carrollton Living was sincere, kind and earnest in sharing our story. We want to thank Carrollton Living magazine for shining a light on the LGBTQ+ community and for being a guidepost to the west Georgia community.

Thank you to the many businesses, organizations, non-profits and individuals who have made Carrollton Rainbow a safe space for the LGBTQ community and we look forward to continuing to being a positive agent of change for the Carrollton, Georgia and west Georgia area.

This is such a HUGE honor.


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