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Meet Trina!

Updated: 2 days ago

Hi, Everyone! I am Trina, the newly appointed Director of Engagement and Marketing for Carrollton Rainbow. I’m a freelance graphic designer by trade, working for several companies in the West Ga area. In 2019, Lucy King, Patty Shiver and I started the West Ga chapter of Free Mom Hugs. That was the year of our awesome first-annual Carrollton Pride, which was held downtown at the AMP. It was also the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, which shut pretty much everything – including me - down.

During that time, I took a step back from the outside world to prioritize my health and well-being. This allowed me to reassess and focus on personal priorities.

Fast forward to last year, Lucy expressed the need for a graphic designer at Carrollton Rainbow, and I volunteered to help. Right now, I’m working on the Pride Prom marketing campaign and have lots of ideas for merchandise, as well as our upcoming Pride festival.

When not behind the computer, I love cooking, traveling, photography and spending time with loved ones and friends. My husband Joel and I have a household full of spoiled felines. Yes, we are the crazy cat people you always hear about.

I am a long-time contributing member of the Human Rights Campaign, NAMI, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Carrollton Rainbow Inc. is a non-profit organization that hosts regular meetups and events in Carrollton, GA and the surrounding West Georgia area for fellowship with LGBTQ+ and allies.  Our signature events include our annual Carrollton Pride Festival, Carrollton Pride Prom and Carrollton Drag Shows. Additionally, Carrollton Rainbow partners with local venues and restaurants in Carrollton, GA and other organizations to provide a calendar of fun things to do in Carrollton, GA and fun things to do in West Georgia.  We host Q&As, ally-oriented workshops, and online guides to provide the best local LGBTQ+ resources possible as well as to create dialogue with the local communityCarrollton Rainbow believes that representation matters and participates annually in the Atlanta Pride Parade, UWG Homecoming Parade, Carrollton Christmas Parade, Carrollton Mayfest and Carrollton's 4th of July Parade. Our visibility allows others in the West Georgia LGBTQ+ community to live with confidence and pride and to celebrate our identity and shared cultural history.

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