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Meet Lucy!

Updated: 2 days ago

Hey beautiful souls! I'm Lucy, your friendly neighborhood rainbow wrangler and the mastermind behind Carrollton Rainbow Inc. Buckle up, because my life is a rollercoaster of love, laughter, and a sprinkle of glitter!

Back in 2019, I, along with my partners in crime, Trina and Patty, birthed the West Georgia branch of Free Mom Hugs. Our journey began at the first Carrollton Pride event, organized by UWG's QSA group. Soon thereafter, Carrollton Rainbow burst into existence because, while hanging out with some Free Mom Huggers, I overheard another hugger chatting about their Facebook group for planning community events like picnics. Shockingly, West GA was missing out on the picnic party, so naturally, I hit the "Create Group" button, and here we are, planning picnics and painting the town with all the colors of the rainbow.

But let's get personal, shall we? I'm a 43-year-old non-binary/queer dreamer, proudly rocking she/they pronouns. Carrollton has been my stomping ground since I was a kid growing up in Haralson County. College was a wild ride – focused (or a lack of focus) on a myriad of things, but my love affair with Psychology remains tantalizingly incomplete. One more year to that elusive Bachelor's... or maybe I'll trade it for art classes when I'm officially a free-spirited art-loving sage who qualifies for tuition-free courses.

Meet my rock, Colin, my partner in crime for two glorious decades. We met on the quad at UWG, and I've been smitten from day one. Colin's more of a behind-the-scenes MVP, supporting my rainbow shenanigans without stealing the limelight.

Now, onto the squad – two young adults, Kat and Sean, lighting up my world. Kat, the trans trailblazer from the 4AM days, inspired my Free Mom Hugs journey. Sean, the bicurious comedian, keeps the house roaring with laughter or exasperation, depending on his latest antics.

Jinx and Furiosa, my furry companions, are the dynamic duo that keep me on my toes while working from home.

When I'm not spreading rainbow magic, catch me whipping up culinary delights, conquering video game realms in the Fallout wasteland, rolling dice in D&D, and dancing like no one's watching. By day, I'm an Implementation Lead at Benchmark Analytics, fighting for police reform with the power of data science.

I'm a Humanist, leaning more on Alice Walker than religious texts, and my musical tastes are as eclectic as a thrift store treasure hunt – WuTang to CAKE to Misfits and more. I dabble in poetry, paint when the energy exists, and have a heart for Empty Bowls and the Carrollton art scene.

Did I mention I'm neurodivergent? Sometimes I run out of social spoons, but nothing stops me from celebrating life and the wonderful people in it. Follow my page if you'd like for a daily dose of wholesome memes, recipes, artwork, and a dash of general shenanigans. Let's turn the ordinary into extraordinary, one rainbow at a time!

Keep your eyes out for some introductions from our other Rainbow Insiders, coming soon!

Carrollton Rainbow Inc. is a non-profit organization that hosts regular meetups and events in Carrollton, GA and the surrounding West Georgia area for fellowship with LGBTQ+ and allies.  Our signature events include our annual Carrollton Pride Festival, Carrollton Pride Prom and Carrollton Drag Shows. Additionally, Carrollton Rainbow partners with local venues and restaurants in Carrollton, GA and other organizations to provide a calendar of fun things to do in Carrollton, GA and fun things to do in West Georgia.  We host Q&As, ally-oriented workshops, and online guides to provide the best local LGBTQ+ resources possible as well as to create dialogue with the local communityCarrollton Rainbow believes that representation matters and participates annually in the Atlanta Pride Parade, UWG Homecoming Parade, Carrollton Christmas Parade, Carrollton Mayfest and Carrollton's 4th of July Parade. Our visibility allows others in the West Georgia LGBTQ+ community to live with confidence and pride and to celebrate our identity and shared cultural history.

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